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We are a company dedicated exclusively to work in the field of solar energy, We are specialists in solar pumping, hybrid systems, instant consumption alone systems and solar thermal energy.

We offer:

·         Leading brands in the sector

·         Possibly the best price you will find, both in shops and on the internet, whilst using high quality products.

·         Total commitment to every job we do and an efficient service.

Our company has rapidly developed through our  COMMITMENT to every customer . 

Our commitment to you the customer continues when your installation has been completed, as we offer all the technical support which you might need. 

Our expansion has led to the formation of a specialized team where each member of staff has a specific speciality so that we can ensure that we provide the best customer service possible. 

" Enersolma were extremely efficient in the service which they provided us for the installation of a solar panel.  Moni was very helpful in the office and Miguel explained everything in detail before completing the installation.  I cannot praise this company highly enough for the professionalism and efficiency which they displayed.  Many thanks.  Anita Mann, Casa del Roble "

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